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Online degrees with La Trobe University


Designed with you in mind

La Trobe University and Didasko have partnered to bring you online qualifications in business and IT that are highly valued by employers and internationally recognised. La Trobe is one of Australia’s most respected universities with more than 36,000 students and a history dating back to 1967. Didasko have partnered with La Trobe to deliver online degree courses with some of the most engaging learning material available. Didasko are experts in online education and specialise in those who want to change or improve their careers.

Help when you need it most

We understand that online study can be a bit daunting, particularly if it has been some time since you were last in formal education. At Didasko, you will be fully supported throughout your studies from the moment you enrol. From our new orientation program and state of the art learning content, all the way to our Career Support Centre, we’ll support you to achieve your career goal.

We have committed academic and support teams available and who are eager to resolve any student enquiry. You can have as much support as you need – as often as you need it. Our aim is to reply to all student enquires within 10 minutes (during normal operating hours), and resolve within 24 hours.

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The benefits of studying with us

100% online degree courses
No ATAR score required*
Start sooner with monthly intakes and no upfront fees**
Qualifications from one of Australia’s most respected universities
Part-time and full-time flexible study options
Keep earning while you study
Choose between online IT courses and online business courses

*Conditions apply.

**Eligibility criteria applies. Available to Australian citizens only.

A new way to learn

Though you may not have heard of Didasko, we have been at the forefront of education in one form or another for almost 20 years! Today, thousands of students globally use our online resources to better themselves. We have developed some of the most engaging multimedia learning content that actually makes learning fun!

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We focus on your career goals

We are passionate about making a difference to your life. At every step of your journey, we will work with you to ensure you achieve your career goals. Whether you are after an IT or business degree, Didasko are committed to providing quality education with career outcomes in your chosen field.

Our focus is on career changers and those of you wanting to advance in your current industry. To help you, we have designed a study program that is flexible around your unique circumstances. Our 100% online degree courses enable you to keep earning while you plan the next steps in your career.

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At last there is a university degree with real flexibility. But what does this mean to you?

Full or part-time study options

You can study full or part-time with no campus attendance at all. Studying on a full-time timetable (about 30 hours per week) would complete each year of your qualification in the conventional annual timeframe (three years for a bachelor degree). For some, this is a bit too much with full-time employment. This can result in their studies suffering.

We have a part-time option that allows you to halve the weekly study commitment. Yes, your course will take longer, but your will and desire to complete your course is always seen favourably by employers no matter which option you choose. You can change study mode should your commitments alter during your course.

Study mode Full-time Part-time
Hours per week ~30 ~15
Completion time 3 years 6 years
Academic assistance
Career assistance
Available online
Available internationally

Choose when you study

We will work with you to complete your study hours each week with your own personal study plan. We will help you honour your plan and hit your study goals. Again, should your circumstances change, so can your study plan!

Three qualifications in one degree

La Trobe University online applied degrees provide you with the unique opportunity to achieve up to three qualifications over the duration of your studies. Subject to satisfactorily completing each part of your course, you will be awarded an applied diploma (end year 1), an applied associate degree (end year 2), and an applied bachelor degree when you complete all three years. Your potential earning capacity increases as you progress through your course.

Study year 1 of your degree
Year 1


After completing year 1 of your degree, you will be awarded with an applied diploma. You can add this qualification to your résumé and move forward with your career plans or embrace the option to continue your studies.

Expected income

Study year 2 of your degree
Year 2

Associate degree

Successful completion of year 2 will increase your chances of a higher-paying position with an applied associate degree. However, you are now well over half way to your applied bachelor degree, so why not continue to study while staying employed?

Expected income

Study year 3 of your degree
Year 3

Bachelor degree

Your applied bachelor degree greatly improves the opportunities available to you. Armed with 3 qualifications, you will have demonstrated your ability to stay focused to achieve a goal. With the job-ready skills and knowledge acquired from your course, employers will find you highly desirable.

Expected income

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