25 January, 2018

Is an online course the right choice for me?

This is a question that is getting asked more often than ever. Many people want to understand the difference between online learning and the on-campus model most universities are traditionally known for.

Preconceived ideas

You may have tried online studies before or know someone who has. Depending upon what was studied, and with whom, could dramatically affect your opinion of the experience. To put this into perspective, look at your mobile phone or home computer. The dramatic changes you see here have only occurred in a few short years! So too has online learning changed out of all recognition in an equally short space of time.

Early experiences were basically, the classroom experience complete with books, taken to a computer screen near you. The chances are that you would still need to go to a campus to enrol, attend some face-to-face sessions and complete some, or all, of your assessments.

However, if you were to experience our online model, you will discover a world of interactive multimedia, gamification, challenging content and live, interactive lectures.

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