5 September, 2021

Winner at the EPAA for the fourth consecutive year!

Judge’s Comment

“Demonstrating excellence, innovation and originality, this subject makes thoughtful use of twenty-first century learning pedagogy and technologies all in a professional, sleek design. Content and interactivity have been carefully curated to support and enable asynchronous learning. Responsive, embedded activities such as ‘Run the code’ will enable students to learn and demonstrate achievement of learning outcomes”

This is a fresh approach to IT education in the digital space, introducing knowledge and immersive simulations that are tightly linked to industry.

As they progress through their course, learners are challenged to reflect on and apply key concepts to programming challenges, building industry-ready skills and knowledge.

All our courses are built from the ground up to boost student engagement, knowledge retention and ultimately, student success.

Educational Publishing Awards Australia winner category: Tertiary (Wholly Australian) – digital only
Teaching and Student Resource Science/Technologies

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