29 November, 2017

Our business degree is a great online solution for Luke

Luke, a Brisbane based IT Manager, chose to study La Trobe-Didasko’s online business degree with a management major as a way to progress in his chosen career of IT.

According to Luke even though he’s worked in the IT industry for 17 years, in order to get to the next step, he needs a recognised qualification.

“I picked this course by Didasko, because it was backed by LaTrobe Uni, so I knew I was actually getting a certified degree that would be recognised,” he said.

“I had contemplated jumping straight into a masters of IT or masters of business but I didn't think my level of academic writing was a level that I could do that and not waste a better part of $50,000 dollars, so I figured it'd be best if I go back and complete an undergraduate degree first.”

“I decided I'm better off with the project management side of things, hence that’s why I focused on the business string of the course instead of the IT string.”

“I don't do well when I have to read 10 chapters in a textbook - I do enough of that for IT certifications,” he said.

When asked about his expectation of what was involved with studying online, Luke said the information presented as part of the enrolment process had so far aligned with what he expected.

“The fact that there's support resources provided has definitely helped, but I’ve found this online study to be much easier than the other two times I’ve attempted it,” he said.

“The content is also a lot more engaging and enjoyable. Generally I’m really impressed with the quality of the content.

“Also when I’ve had enquiries regarding enrolment and shifting from part-time to full-time and dropping one class or picking up a different one, everyone I’ve dealt with has mostly been fantastic.

A feature of the support system for students is the ability for them to get feedback on first drafts of their assessments. Luke says that he has been making the most of this useful feature.

“I think I've submitted the draft for just about every assignment I’ve done so far. Knowing where I've done something wrong, lets me know what I need to do to fix it next time.

“The draft system from my perspective works really well. It gives me some context,” he said.

“I like the fact that I can say that I can't do this month because I’ve got projects at work, so I can stop for a month and then start again and it's really convenient to be able to actually balance it because that's the hard part nowadays.”

According to Luke, when working full-time and studying, proper planning is the key.

“Even though I’m only in my first year, it's been enough to make me realise you've got to schedule your time properly and get back in the habit of planning to balance work, life, study and fitness,” he said.

Given your background in the Australian Navy, Luke, we’re sure you’ll do a great job of nailing that scheduling and organisation to achieve that life balance!

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