10 October, 2017

Paul - student of Bachelor of Applied Information Technology

As IT Manager for a small not-for-profit organisation in Western Australia, La Trobe-Didasko student, Paul, decided to enrol in our Bachelor of Applied Information Technology on a part-time basis to further his learning in the field and secure the right qualifications to support his position in his company.

“I originally started Didasko’s certificate qualification for IT, to start gaining recognition for the skills I had gained on the job,” Paul said.

“I needed to attain qualifications to say I do what I do. But when the opportunity came to move across to a La Trobe University degree, I decided it was a better investment of my time to obtain a bachelor's degree in my field.”

“The part of it that appeals the most, is the way I gain three qualifications instead of just one. I'm walking out at the end with a double diploma, an associate degree and then the bachelor's degree,” he said.

“For me you actually understand external learning. I previously studied elsewhere as an external student but they didn't actually understand what an external student was or seemed as though they didn't understand what an external student needed,” he said.

“I’m used to online learning. That's what I did prior to coming into IT so understanding what I expect someone to do in an online learning environment and what I assume you're expecting of us is pretty much on the money,” he said.

When asked about the standard of the online learning materials in the course, Paul was complimentary.

“The actual content and the material has actually been really good. I haven't had a problem with them at all,” he said.

Paul commented that the time difference in WA can present challenges, particularly working around exam windows and his work schedule.

“I work 10 to 11 hours a day as it is and then trying to fit an exam window inside that can at times become a bit challenging, but it's been an interesting experience so far. I'm looking forward to what comes in the remainder of the degree.”

We wish you all the best in completing your studies with us, Paul!

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