12 February, 2018

What do our online students think?

Agnes – second year of her IT degree

Today we shine a spotlight on one of our students, 41-year-old Agnes, who works full-time in the hospitality industry and who is also currently in her second year of a La Trobe-Didasko IT degree.

According to Agnes, she had been wanting to study IT and had been planning to get a degree for the past 10 years but could not find a suitable course.

After a few false starts with courses at different institutes, Agnes found the La Trobe-Didasko IT course and has never looked back.

Given she works full-time, she was looking for an online degree to avoid spending valuable time travelling to a campus, and one that would provide flexibility around her long working hours.

“It is quite challenging to work and study as well but because it's online I do have a lot of benefits of not having to travel,” she said.

Using either her laptop or her phone, Agnes is able to easily access the vast suite of learning materials available as part of the course.

“Our learning materials have been really, really well designed. They cater for if you like to read you can read, and if you like videos then you can watch the lectures online, which usually are really well designed.”

“I have never found there’s not enough material. The content and the quality and the quantity of it, they've all been fantastic.”

“There's never been a time where I couldn't find anything online or I had to extensively search for something because it's just so clear in each section you go to,” she said.

While Agnes’ work commitments mean she doesn’t usually participate in the live sessions (she works from 6pm - 4am) she often watches the videos on the website afterwards.

Support all the way

Agnes also said that one of the best things about the course is the support provided by the academic support teams.

“I was always wondering how I would go if I get stuck on something when you're working on a problem, how would you get feedback?

“And so far, I find that the school has been enormously helpful and if I was ever stuck on something, I would just send an email or make a phone call and help would be on the way,” she said.

When asked about the response times by the support team, Agnes is glowing:

“I think I’d probably contact the support team four or five times a week and in exam times that might be even more. I’ve found the guys have just been amazing. Usually I look at my phone and within around four to seven minutes my phone will be ringing with their response and help is there.”

“I'm really impressed with that because there have been a few times when I left something for the last minute - an assignment due maybe next day - and then after I’ve received help, I usually solve the problem within half an hour,” she said.

We wish Agnes all the best in reaching her goals of finishing her degree and then finding a job or starting a business in a career she loves whilst living an enjoyable lifestyle at the same time!

Agnes' thoughts on enrolment

“The enrolment process was easy. I remember it was last year, it took quite a short time especially. I was really excited to start, but just recently, I applied for a six-month deferral which I ended up coming back from early on, and someone was helping me with the enrolment, but it was just fantastic, so I think I emailed him one Friday afternoon and by Monday it was organised that yes, you can get ready to come back four months early, and it was just really easy and just really quickly done, so yeah, it was just a really positive experience.”

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