Exit points

Three exit points should your circumstances change

Our degree gives you the greatest of flexibility with our unique ‘nested’ qualifications. Should you choose to leave your course, for whatever reason, La Trobe University’s online applied degrees can ensure that all your hard work is not in vain.

After satisfactorily completing year one of your course, you have the option to exit your studies and be awarded an applied diploma.

Similarly, after successful completion of year 2, should you exit at this point, you will be awarded an applied associate degree. Completing all three years of your course will net you an applied bachelor's degree. Please note that you will achieve one testamur only, and it will be for the highest achieved qualification.

Year 1
Year 1


After completing year 1 of your degree, you will be awarded with an applied diploma, should you decide to exit your degree at this point. You can add this qualification to your résumé and move forward with your career plans.

Year 2
Year 2

Associate degree

Successful completion of year 2 will increase your chances of a higher-paying position should you choose to exit your studies with an applied qualification that employers are looking for. However, you are now well over halfway to your applied bachelor's degree so why not continue to study while staying employed?

Year 3
Year 3

Bachelor's degree

With all three years complete, your bachelor's degree greatly improves the opportunities available to you. An applied bachelor's degree looks great on your résumé and ensures you won't be overlooked.

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