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Courses with employability built-in

Working with La Trobe University, Didasko have developed applied degrees in business and IT that will enhance your career opportunities. The main motivation in the development of all La Trobe University/Didasko qualifications is employability. All our applied courses, and the online learning experience, has been developed specifically for those looking to change career paths or improve their prospects in their current field.

Bachelor's degrees

Bachelor of Applied Cloud Technology
Bachelor of Applied Information Technology
Bachelor of Applied Business
Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing major)
Bachelor of Applied Business (Management major)

Associate degrees

Associate Degree of Applied Cloud Technology
Associate Degree of Applied Information Technology
Associate Degree of Applied Business


Diploma of Applied Cloud Technology
Diploma of Applied Information Technology
Diploma of Applied Business

Flexible learning

100% online learning allows you to maintain your income while working towards your future career goals. You can study full-time or part-time, moving from one to the other if your circumstances change.

Support all the way

Our Student Engagement Team work with you to develop your own, personal weekly study plan – designed around your other commitments. In this way, we help you achieve assessment target dates while keeping your life on track.

Many who have never undertaken online studies (and some that have) are understandably apprehensive about a lack of academic guidance. With our courses, you’ll be surprised how much academic support you have access to! We host live subject webinars and have on-call academic staff – ready to personally guide you through your studies.

Welcome to the future of employability-focused education.

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