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Studying online gives you flexibility

For those of you who have never studied online, you can access your courseware anytime from anywhere there is an internet service. If you have previously studied online, we urge you not to assume you will have the same experience. Didasko not only develop the interactive learning content you will be enjoying, but we are also specialists in online education. Our dedicated team are here to help and encourage you throughout your course.

When you enrol, we will work with you to design a study schedule that fits your lifestyle and commitments. You won't waste time travelling to and from your place of study and the only set study times are the ones that you have decided for yourself. Should your circumstances change, so too can your study schedule. Simply contact our friendly Student Experience Team and together we'll agree on a new study schedule that will allow you to continue studying around your new commitments.

A student-centred approach

Returning to study is a great decision. However, a classroom setting isn't to everyone’s taste and finding time to attend a university can be almost impossible with existing weekly commitments. Studying 100% online using your personal, weekly study plan, gives you a far greater chance of successfully completing your course.

As a full-time student, each year of your course must be completed within 12 months. Undertaking 30 hours of study per week should see you successfully complete your qualification within this timeframe. Whilst you have the flexibility of full or part-time study, and create your own weekly study plan to complete your required study hours around your other weekly commitments, each subject has specific deadlines based around your study plan which you must meet.

Feel free to ask the Student Admissions Team should you require any clarification before you enrol.

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Engaging learning

Award-winning content

Didasko also have developed some of the most engaging multimedia learning content that actually makes learning fun! Through interactive and thought-provoking challenges, you are given opportunities to apply your knowledge in real-world settings.


For those where, due to disability or location, studying is too challenging, online learning provides opportunities they could otherwise miss out on. Taking advantage of our dependence on the internet, Didasko have created a learning environment that utilises today’s cutting-edge technologies.

With consideration to learning difficulties, closed captions are also available on all our audible multimedia content.

Personalised support

Personalised support

All our courses come with built-in facilities to allow you to talk with the Academic Team and your peers. Utilising online chat, phone, email and forums, you will never be far from the personalised support you need to complete your qualification. Should you put an assistance request to our Student Experience Team during operating hours, we will get back to you within 10 minutes.

Call us during operating hours on 1300 720 648.

Operating hours
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Benefits to studying online

Create your study schedule around your commitments
Monthly intakes. No waiting for semester starts
Study at anytime from anywhere
Support from our experienced Academic Team
Access to Microsoft IT Academy, eLearning and DreamSpark programs, assessments and study Vendor Certifications
Keep earning while you study

Learning Portal


What is the Learning Portal?

Didasko’s Learning Portal is your online classroom that you will log into when performing most of your studies.

The Learning Portal holds all your course material. It’s also where you will upload any work for submission and the preferred place to submit any student enquiries.

You will be given credentials for the Learning Portal as soon as you have been registered for a course.

Home Room

The Home Room within the Learning Portal will help provide a bigger picture regarding your course.

Some of the information available on the Home Room page:

  • Student Experience Team members
  • Academic Team members
  • Graduation information
  • Career path assistance


The Learning Portal calendar is a great tool to help plan your study timetable. Find out when assessments are due and when the next video conference is scheduled. The calendar is an invaluable tool for managing your course.

Your Learning Portal Your Learning Portal