General terms and conditions


Version 10-04

1. Standards and regulations

In addition to La Trobe University’s policies, you are expected to comply with Didasko’s rules and regulations, policies and procedures, as detailed in the Student Handbook within the Learning Portal.

2. Delivery

Didasko shall provide to you the tuition specified in the Qualification Agreement.

3. Tuition fees

3.1 Please review important census and payment due dates. Information about census dates can be found via your La Trobe Student Online login and will also be noted on your Qualification Agreement for the term or study period you are currently enrolled in.

3.2 A census date is the last day you can withdraw from a study period without being financially liable for the subjects in that study period.

3.3 If you do not complete your course by the study end date, the incomplete subjects may be available for re-enrolment and further fees will apply.

3.4 The University reserves the right to vary fees on an annual basis. Should the University decide to increase its fees, that increase will take effect on January 1 of the following year.

4. Withdrawal and refunds

4.1 To withdraw from a course, students must notify Didasko staff immediately by phone, email or SMS. You may be required to confirm your withdrawal in writing.

4.2 To ensure you do not incur a HECS-HELP/FEE-HELP debt for enrolled course subjects, you must withdraw by the relevant census date for each fee period.

4.3 Depending on the timing of the request to withdraw, you may apply in writing for a remission of debt or refund. If eligible, Didasko staff will give you instructions on how to apply based on your circumstances.

Refund of tuition fees: applicable where you withdraw or defer from a subject before the census date. In these circumstances you will be withdrawn without financial penalty.

Remission of debt: can be applied for after the published census date in circumstances where Special Consideration applies.

4.4 All applications for refunds of tuition fees or remission of debt must be submitted on the prescribed University application form with a personal statement and supporting documentation.

4.5 Further information may be obtained by accessing Refunds La Trobe University.

5. Qualification structure

Didasko reserves the right at any time and without liability to you:

5.1 To upgrade and/or modify the syllabus of any qualification or course, where it deems necessary and desirable to maintain the quality of the course; and

5.2 To cancel or change the commencement date, end date and/or enrolment hours specified in the Qualification Agreement.

6. Tuition time and study end date

6.1 You will have access to a qualification study schedule upon your enrolment. It will show the subjects you are enrolled in for each term. Subjects must be completed by the term end dates.

6.2 An extension to your study end date may be granted in special circumstances, such as extensive periods of illness. Requests for Special Consideration must be made in writing to Didasko (through the Student Experience Team) as soon as possible and before the qualification study end date. Please refer to the Leave policy and the Special Consideration conditions in the Student Handbook. Please contact Didasko to apply for any leave.

7. Career support assistance

In addition to services available through La Trobe University, Didasko, through their internal Career Support Centre (CSC), provides resources and individual career assistance to all eligible students and graduates.

7.1 To become eligible, you must:

have all fee payments up to date;

7.2 Didasko does not guarantee that you will secure employment or career advancement as a result of your engagement with the Career Support Assistance (CSA) service.

8. Change to personal details

If your personal details change during your enrolment period, including changes to your name, address or contact details, you must inform Didasko in writing within seven days.

9. Student access to Didasko's Learning Portal and communication

Having been given student access to Didasko’s Learning Portal you agree to the following:

9.1 You agree to consent to Didasko accessing your network and email account for administration purposes including password reset.

9.2 You agree to use a designated La Trobe University email account that is provided to you following enrolment.

9.3 Didasko Group will respect the privacy of all communications made, abiding by the Privacy Statement

9.4 All students must ensure that they only access the Didasko Learning Portal through the advised login procedure.

10. Student card and access

As a La Trobe University student you can apply directly with the University to receive a student ID card. As an enrolled student you have access to La Trobe facilities.

11. Vendor certification

Where you are required to sit a vendor certification exam, Didasko will provide you with a voucher to cover the cost of the exam. Please note:

You will only be eligible for vouchers relating to vendor certification subjects successfully completed;

You will only receive one voucher per certification covering one sitting of the exam. This voucher needs to be requested through a student enquiry or email directly;

If you fail the exam on the first attempt and want to sit it again, you will pay for any further vouchers;

You must use the voucher within the expiry date displayed on the voucher;

You must provide two weeks’ notice of your intent to sit for an exam;

If you have withdrawn from your course, you will not be issued with any vouchers.

12. MSDN E-Academy access (agreement) - for the Information Technology Degree

As required, Didasko is authorised to provide you with program software for use on your personal computer as a member of the MSDN Academic Alliance (MSDNAA). You must agree to and be bound by the terms of the following:

MSDNAA usage guidelines,

MSDN End-User License Agreement (EULA),

MSDNAA License Amendment,

MSDNAA Student Use Agreement and

Didasko’s network conditions.

By installing, copying, or otherwise using the software, you agree to be bound by the terms listed above. If you do not agree to be bound, do not install, copy, or use the software.

13. eBook license (agreement)

Didasko delivers courseware to students via its online Learning Portal in electronic format. The majority of this courseware has been developed by an in-house development team and produced in electronic format. Both internally and externally produced courseware will be referred to as “eBooks” in this agreement.

To protect copyright and trademarks of both the Didasko developed eBooks and those from our trading partners (of whom we have signed license agreements to deliver licensed editions of electronic books via the Learning Portal) the following usage guidelines are in place:

Students studying a qualification through Didasko will only be provided with access to their current course or any previously studied courses on the Learning Portal.

You will receive limited access to utilising the eBooks online via the Learning Portal.

You shall not copy, share, distribute, transmit or sell eBook content in any form.

By agreeing to these terms and conditions you are bound by the terms of the eBook License Agreement.

14. Student identification

14.1 Upon enrolment, you agree to provide a recent image (passport style photo) to be used for identification in the Learning Portal.

14.2 For proctored exams, you agree to provide the required personal identification, which will be explained to you before exam commencement.

14.3 I agree to allow Didasko (La Trobe-Didasko) to enquire with La Trobe University directly should I be a current or former student of La Trobe University for the purposes of confirming current or former enrolment status.


You / Student
The Applicant

Didasko Institute Pty Ltd

La Trobe University

Learning Portal
Is the student's learning management system

Qualification Agreement
The agreement between you and Didasko based upon these terms and conditions is made upon acceptance of your enrolment by La Trobe / Didasko

Tuition Fees
Tuition fees may be paid up-front, or if eligible via HECS-HELP/FEE-HELP, or by Payment Plan.