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Kind words from our students


We pride ourselves on constantly striving to give our students the best online learning experience, with a focus on career outcomes. This has been the cornerstone of our philosophy since we started many years ago, and even though we are national award-winners for online education, we never stop looking for ways to improve.

Here is what a few of our current students think.


Studying the Bachelor of Applied Information Technology

I have previously studied at multiple universities throughout Australia and consistently felt like something was missing from my courses.

I was referred to La Trobe-Didasko by a former student and found the support from both support staff and academic staff to be exceptional. I thoroughly enjoyed my coursework and found the online LMS (Learning Management System) to be well designed and easy to navigate as a first-year student.

The University will allow you to grow and develop your skills, utilising your strengths and improving on your weaknesses. They have encouraged me to demonstrate what I am truly capable of academically whilst supporting me with my studies every step of the way. I would encourage any future students to seriously consider studying a 100% online course at La Trobe-Didasko.


Studying the Bachelor of Applied Business (Marketing major)

As a mother of four children, one of them being a four year old, online studying was my best option. And I feel so lucky having chosen La Trobe. The course is well balanced, with a variety of learning options given, from lectures to reading material to quizzes and assignments. In addition to that, student support is amazing. I always find them ready to receive phone calls, answer my questions or help me with any confusion. As for the teachers and lecturers, they are very supportive and engaging.


Studying the Bachelor of Applied Business (Management major)

Studying online was the best decision I ever made, having the freedom to study online while still doing my day to day job and life was so much fun and I got a diploma at the same time!


Studying the Bachelor of Applied Information Technology

I work full time - While there are scheduled sessions, I love that they're recorded, and I can work at my own pace. Support from staff is there when it's needed, and I never really feel like I'm alone on the journey.


Studying the Bachelor of Applied Information Technology

A few years ago, I ended a horrible studying experience with another Australian tertiary education online college, but I was left feeling deflated and unsatisfied. That’s when I did my research and came across the La Trobe online courses delivered through Didasko! And what an enlightening and fulfilling journey it has been since. The course is current, modern, fully supported and fully available. It provides all the necessary tools to succeed and make informed decisions about where a career in tech could take you. It is evident a lot of thought, preparation and expertise has been put into delivering this course and even though it is delivered online, I feel a part of a greater collective and feel like the staff and academics are there when I need them. Everything is prompt, accurate and feedback is constructive and helpful. I thoroughly enjoy every time a study block comes around and I get to delve into a new topic. The leading software is available for us to download and use to gain real working knowledge. Despite only being halfway through my course, the knowledge I have gained has already opened up many, many doors for me, and I now work as an Automation Engineer consultant at some of Australia’s leading enterprises, all whilst enjoying the flexibility of an online course! Safe to say, I am one very happy student who feels secure in the ever changing IT environment that wherever the future leads, I will have skills that I gained through this course to help me succeed and gain leverage...it’s been a pleasure!


Studying the Bachelor of Applied Information Technology

The content that I have been taught throughout my course have been expansive at minimum, the in-depth explanations of complex topics helps keep things interesting and challenging. The work-life balance that I have been managing whilst attending university has been made much easier due to the flexibility of the course, and the active academic support for my courses has been incredibly helpful for any questions that I have had.


Studying the Bachelor of Applied Information Technology

A few years ago I decided it was time to formalise my IT experience and with assistance from the team at La Trobe-Didasko I have worked my way through the Bachelor of Applied Information Technology. I will not say that the journey has been easy but the team both academic and student experience have been invaluable in assisting me in reaching my goal. Not every unit has been what I hoped but I have come out at the end with experience and skills in Programming, Networking, Databases, and other facets of IT systems and design concepts. Thank you to all of the team that has assisted me along this journey.


Studying the Bachelor of Applied Business (Management major)

I am very thankful for La Trobe-Didasko. One of my favourite aspects of it is the support. I’m able to contact any lecturer any time and my questions are highly encouraged. My favourite elements of the course are the live lectures. I always learn from the insightful content delivered through these sessions. At the end of each session, I am encouraged to run my ideas for the assessments by the lecturer. I always receive great tips, which help me form better projects. I did not grow up surrounded by people with higher education. Even now, I still do not know many. Entering the academic world was completely foreign to me. I am thankful for La Trobe-Didasko for making this transition so simple. Prior to starting my degree, everything I had heard about university was negative. I viewed higher education as a necessary evil - something I needed, but I would completely dread the next three years. When I was a few units into my course, I was confused because university had not turned out to be the dreadful experience I thought it would be. I remember asking my lecturer at the end of a live session if the workload would suddenly increase. He explained that the same system is used throughout the entire degree, and that only the content would change. There were no drastic changes ahead. I was surprised, but relieved! I look forward to the beginning of each study period. All of the units and lectures are interesting and fun to watch. Another element I love is the flexibility. Most of the time, 90% of the content is available from day one of the term. This allows me to study in advance. I love doing this that way I can solely focus on my assignments when the time comes. I’m never stressed during the exam periods due to this! Studying online does not make the degree harder. If anything, it makes it easier. I can easily go back and revise content. I can watch lectures at 6am or at 11pm. I can watch one lecture, or I can watch five. I couldn’t imagine doing this degree any other way. Overall, I am very thankful for the opportunity to pursue this degree. -------- PS: one small note … no master’s degrees available :(


Studying the Bachelor of Applied Business (Management major)

The flexibility this course offers is the most beneficial aspect of studying online through Didasko. The ability to still work and travel whilst studying is extremely beneficial, and more so enjoyable. Additionally, the lecturers’ conscientious approach to e-learning and wide span of industry knowledge is extremely encouraging!


Studying the Bachelor of Applied Information Technology

I enjoy learning so much. Having the option to do it online is the best aspect of my course, it is so much fun and totally worth it.


Studying the Bachelor of Applied Information Technology

I absolutely admire the professors, my first query was regarding a shifting-cipher assignment for programming fundamentals, within an hour my inbox had an extremely passionate response with sources on the history of cyber-security and the specific cipher, tools and websites to help me and interesting and different ways to approach my question, it seriously set the bar for every other student enquiry and was phenomenal. I personally prefer to learn with activities and the written-word as opposed to lectures and other forms of multimedia and never felt hamstrung in the least. It feels like every preferred learning style is catered to and is a viable way to approach your subject.


Studying the Bachelor of Applied Information Technology

I really enjoy the video lectures and the multimedia. The multimedia is on a great platform that helps me to understand the concept of the topic that summaries the subject. Also, the practical live demonstrations which are really fun makes me feel like I want to experiment with the tools and software.


Studying the Bachelor of Applied Information Technology

The online courses are extremely flexible in how they are delivered and provide a wealth information for you to learn from. The lecturers are fantastic and there is always support for you when required. The freedom to study on your own schedule is priceless.


Studying the Bachelor of Applied Information Technology

My La Trobe-Didasko online Bachelor of Applied IT course provides me with great flexibility and high-quality learning content, which means I can still work full-time. Also, all the course webpages are well organised and concise. La Trobe/Didasko also provides me with access to all the eBooks and Software for free. So I can access the learning materials and download the software I need for the current subject. I find the student experience team is doing a great job as well. They always respond to my inquiries promptly and reply with either emails or phone calls. Last but not least, by learning each subject step by step, I’ve learnt to enhance my knowledge and skillsets logically and progressively.


Studying the Bachelor of Applied Information Technology

This course has the best aspect of being able to study in your own time, with kids home and daily requirements, I can work at my own pace, and study at my own speed. It's really rewarding to be able to hand in and finish an assignment early and continue without having to wait for everyone else to catch up. The teachers are super helpful and always there if you have questions And, the other students are friendly and inviting on Facebook.

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