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Learning anything new is always easier with guidance and support. This can take many forms. We believe our students should have as much support and guidance as they want and need.

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As with any journey, we all need a map. Undertaking higher education is, understandably, a big decision for many of our students. Many of you are working to pay the bills. All of you are looking for future career success via studying with La Trobe University.

In order for career success, we need to work together to make sure you have the best chance of study success. To achieve this, we have developed a unique orientation experience for all our new students that assists you to get study-ready. The Orientation Portal contains tools and information to develop your personal weekly study schedule and many tips and tutorials that will help you succeed in your studies.

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The Orientation Portal

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We develop our award-winning, online subjects with four, clear education principles:

Principle 1Students must know what to focus on and what’s expected of them

At the start of each subject you will receive an overview that clearly outlines what you will need to focus on and achieve. This is in your multimedia, and a live subject introduction with your lecturer so you can ask questions face-to-face. You can revisit these as often as you wish as you work you way through the subject.

Everything is logically and clearly presented with built-in help and support throughout.

Principle 2Students learn better when content is engaging and relevant

Our innovative writing and learning design team uses a variety of media to engage and interest you.

Highlights include:

  • Case study scenarios and demonstrations to link learning objectives to real-world situations.
  • Simulations to create the link between education and working in the field.
  • Interactivity to encourage active learning.
  • Gamification
  • Industry insights so that learners can get the real story from the best and brightest in the field.

Principle 3Learning should be interesting, and the pace should be achievable

Our content uses a variety of media to address learner preferences and moves between active and passive, theoretical and applied, challenging and simple.

Principle 4Simulation and feedback provide a smooth transition from education to the workplace

Regularly spaced challenges allow you to question if you really understand the content. When you attempt a challenge and receive feedback, you get a better understanding of how well you’ve grasped the content. If you’re not sure, you can go back to clarify anything you feel you need to.

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Our highly qualified academic team is here for you every step of the way. Our academic team is involved in the creation of the subjects you will study and are here for you 7:30 am until 10:00 pm (Monday to Thursday), and 7:30 am until 6:00 pm (Friday)*. These same lecturers will be those who you’ll meet in the live online lectures, subject introductions and who will mark your online assessments.

Our student support team will help you create your personal study plan even before you begin your course. They are here to help you with enrolment questions and will support you throughout your course. If you encounter an issue that is affecting your studies, contact our support team – you may be surprised how much they can help.

Meet our lecturers and support team

A focus on careers

We also have a Career Support Centre (CSC) available to all our students. The CSC is packed with examples and templates for covering letters, résumés, career advice, interview tips, insightful information and a form to book a time to meet a career consultant for one-on-on advice.

*Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)